I find feelings abstract and the world illogical.
That is why I wrote my own language.

Feel free to ask questions.
I like answering questions.

Which team are you on?

Feisty, assertive, ambitious, strong, empowered and .. possible destructive, to others because these traits can carry impatience and frustration.
Prefers clarity, goals, trust and clear communication. Be straight-forward or keep your safe distance.
Growth, stability and creativity. Nature, prefers to be in harmony but this takes control to keep it all in balance. Thus, a tendency to take control of the situation including others, to keep this balance.
Prefers tenderness, love and acceptance. Grow together, nurture their growth or leave them be.
Just as the Day & Night cycle, going with the Flow and this flow is always in motion. Although, the flow of water can sometimes darken or slow down.
In contact stay either curious or show initiative in your own situation rather than taking control of theirs. Keep your own individuality even when flows blend.

Daily Quests

Sleep atleast 8 hours and freshen up in the morning
A moment of Mindfulness or Meditation
A 20 min walk, Exercise, Qigong and/or Yoga
Have atleast one nutritious meal & Drink enough
Do what requires Discipline (Like work, cleaning, etc.)
Self-care - A moment for yourself, in relaxation
Bonus: Limit your screen time, snacks and sugars