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Diederik Visser


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Dreamy landscapes
From purple and bright pink to orange and blue with a little bit of black.
The color palette that appears as the sun sets and sinks under the clouds.
I create that dreamy moment with my poetic interpretation of landscapes.
I like to work between the abstract and the figurative, because this gives me a lot of freedom and yet some guidance.
Iam always looking for an end result that radiates a soothing energy and power (that’s what the black clouds stand for).
Ever since I can remember, I have been busy with drawing and painting. I have always done this with pleasure. I started to take my creativity more seriously and wanted to do something with it. I went deeper into paintings with painting lessons and followed the Free Art course at the art academy. My paintings are created by simply starting and focusing as little as possible on the end result. The result is created automatically. That is the most important thing for me. I consider it a challenge to let go of thinking as much as possible during painting. I like to work between the abstract and the figurative. This provides me a lot of freedom yet still some grip. The feeling you get when you look at my work is what matters to me. It is not about what I mean, but what the viewer experiences.