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20 Years experience in the industrial refrigeration compressors support.

Technology adviser and trouble shooter. My company RM-support offers manufacturers , contractors and customers a new way of co-operation, open a new way towards solutions for industrial refrigeration compressors equipment and industry.

Due our background we are supporting idea’s , share technology and vision to develop the market in to the technology of tomorrow. To be your partner with a open mind – open vision. The vision of today for the future of tomorrow. I believe strongly that in the time in come to share and provide experience and knowledge to next generations.

Therefore restructure our company RM-support – In technical trade office , which support your needs in many fields – from technical support and development to parts supply . The new generation compressor are coming on the market – energy and maintenance friendly, but powerful and more flexibel .Supported by all kind of equipment from automatic lubrication systems ( like Memolube ) to special water reducing solution ( Coldores) , from easy to install automatic valve ( Proval ) to high standard shaft seal and filter systems ( Coldores).

New generation will show on the market and force others to think over their existing products ( like SRMtec experience us the two stage semi hermetic screw compressor line SRS.Or in lubrication where Jet-lube shown us that there are alternative to copper grease , which not harm the environment in HDD and water well drilling.

That is what RM-Support stand for finding answers for the future by co-operation.