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Moses Appiah


The Mediator


Life only has 2 questions: 1 ) What is your worth? 2) How can you be of value?


🌅’Think from the other side’🌄Seeker of wisdom. People aren’t living anymore nowadays. We are alive, but we are not living life. We don’t achieve our potential and we don’t see our worth. I am on my way to bringing your life to life. Life only has 2 questions: 1) What is your worth? 2) How can you be of value? Wondering what the answers are to my life? To help give people, organisations and businesses meaning & understanding, so that they can help others and by so doing live life according to their full potential. I do this by sharing knowledge and study about Perception (Personal development), Communication (Human Relations) & Action (Strategy). A way of achieving your full potential. That is what I’m going to be addressing you on. If you understand how something works and you know the meaning of it, it is so much easier, in fact it is a guarantee that you are able to do something with it yourself!I am in my Business Administration graduation year at the Windesheim University of Applied Sciences at Zwolle. The questions that keep me busy:🎓how do you live a meaningful, understanding and thus valuable life and how do you perform to the optimum in it? We can contribute to society through organisations, so:🎓How do you organise, manage and lead an organisation to the optimum? How does an organisation stay meaningful, relevant and future-proof?🗣When it comes to people’s personal life I focus on – mindset, development and interpersonal communication🗣When it comes to organisation and business I focus on – strategy, leadership, development and interpersonal communication.My philosophy uses natural human measures in ways of thinking and handling.I will keep you posted on my developments!—————————————————–